Congratulations on becoming a new member to CCDEH!!!  Here is some information to help you get better connected with CCDEH members and figure out how to best jump start your career.

CCDEH is a networking organization.  We work together to protect the public health and safety of the residents and visitors to California for Environmental Health Programs.  Since our field is very dynamic, we strive to keep each other informed so we don't have to 'revinvent the wheel'.  How do we do that? 

  1. Regional Meetings - The state is divided into four regions.  We have regular Region meetings.  Make sure you plan on attending those meetings - More Info About Regions
  2. Policy and Technical Advisory Committee Meetings - We have a variety of focused groups.  These gather experts in the various programs to meet and improve our programs - More Info About Policy and Technical Advisory Committees
  3. Annual Conference - We meet annually in September.  Mark Your Calendar for our next meeting - More Info About Annual Conferences
  4. Annual Dues - We pay our annual dues around the time of our annual conference.
  5. Register on the website - We need to include your information in our various rosters, regions and committees.  This information is dynamically provided on our website when you, as a member, register - Click Here To Register
  6. Listserv - Once you register, we will send you an invited to participate in our CCDEH Yahoogroup.  This is a key communication tool where all members can send/receive emails to/from all other members.