The California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health was formally established in 1956. Its formation was the outgrowth of the previous pattern of regional meetings, at varying intervals, of local health departments in several metropolitan areas. These groups met to discuss common problems and agree upon uniform policies in the enforcement of public health statutes and regulations.


Membership shall be limited to the California Registered Environmental Health Specialist who is in direct charge of the environmental health program of each local political subdivision, or a retired director in good standing, or associate members, in the state. The Conference shall be organized into four regional groups, each consisting of at least five local agencies. The compositions, realignment or dissolution of the regional groups shall originate from the effected region and be confirmed by the Executive Committee. Regional groups may meet independently at the call of the regional chairs.

The conference meets, as a body, annually, at the call of the President and is attended only by members, and such invited guests and resource individuals as the President or Executive Committee deems to be appropriate. Only members may vote.


Associate members represent a host of program managers who represent the needs of various local Environmental Health service-delivery organizations. Associate membership has also been extended to the current President/Chair of the California Environmental Health Association (CEHA) and the CalCUPA Forum Board in the event that the office holder(s) is not already a CCDEH Member or Associate Member and directors of environmental health programs outside the state of California. Associate members play a significant role in statewide policy development and implementation through their voting membership on appropriate CCDEH policy committees.


A retired director of CCDEH is a retired employee of a local environmental health program and may participate in electronic forums and attend the annual conference, provided they remain in good standing.


Regular members of CCDEH are limited to that California Registered Environmental Health Specialist who is in direct charge of the Environmental Health program of each local political subdivision of the state.