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Environmental Health Departments in California protect public health, enhance safety and safeguard the environment by delivering Local Environmental... Read more..

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CCDEH has an associated non-profit, 501(c)3 business called CAEHA (California Association of Environmental Health Administrators), which provides the following... Read more..

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The California Association of Environmental Health Administrators (CAEHA) is a legal entity established to enter into contracts, manage the contracts,... Read more..

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Statement of Purpose Legal Jurisdiction: Legal authority for local environmental health programs are cited in the California Health and Safety Code, California... Read more..

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HISTORY The California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health was formally established in 1956. Its formation was the outgrowth of the previous... Read more..

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The California Association of Environmental Health Administrators (CAEHA) is a legal entity established to enter into contracts, manage the contracts, and conduct personal advocacy on behalf of the Conference. This legal entity is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization named "The California Association of Environmental Health Administrators".   CAEHA Bylaws are contained in Appendix 6.

Except for the Immediate Past President of CCDEH, the Officers of the Executive Committee of CCDEH serve in the same capacity on the board of the California Association of Environmental Health Administrators. The Immediate Past President of CCDEH serves as the President of CAEHA. The Executive Director and Manager of CCDEH serve as the Executive Director and Manager of CAEHA.

CAEHA Mission and Philosophy:

CAEHA, and all its members, attempt to improve the quality and scope of environmental health programs throughout the State and to promote uniformity in the conduct of such programs.  As a body, CAEHA adheres strongly to the belief that the advancement of environmental health can only be accomplished through a strong commitment to ethics, continued education, and by fostering partnerships and communication.

CAEHA Goals: 

  • To advocate on behalf of environmental health in the Legislature and regulatory agencies;
  • To provide environmental health management, training and information services to its members, other environmental health professionals and the public; and
  • To generate revenues from certain activities to fund environmental health projects that further its mission. The principal sources of revenue include information transfer, training and contract management.