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Download the Disaster Field Manual electronically from Google Play - ORDER TODAY! Read more..

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Environmental Health Departments in California protect public health, enhance safety and safeguard the environment by delivering Local Environmental... Read more..

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icon Benefits of Associate Membership: * An Associate Membership category is limited to program managers and supervisors of a local California environmental... Read more..

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Year Jurisdiction President's Name 1958 San Mateo Eugene Howell 1959 Los Angeles Stanley Martin 1960 San Joaquin Donald... Read more..

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Justin Malan, CCDEH Executive Director
T: (916) 448-1015   Sheryl Baldwin, CCDEH Manager
P.O. Box 2017, Cameron... Read more..

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CCDEH has an associated non-profit, 501(c)3 business called CAEHA (California Association of Environmental Health Administrators), which provides the following... Read more..

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The California Association of Environmental Health Administrators (CAEHA) is a legal entity established to enter into contracts, manage the contracts,... Read more..

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Statement of Purpose Legal Jurisdiction: Legal authority for local environmental health programs are cited in the California Health and Safety Code, California... Read more..

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HISTORY The California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health was formally established in 1956. Its formation was the outgrowth of the previous... Read more..

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California-County-Map A Map of California Counties Read more..