Important Announcement opportunity for free training for your staff!!

The California CUPA Forum Trust funds projects that help with implementation of the Unified Program throughout California. The Trust Fund recently approved a grant project to assist all rural counties in California. The following is an explanation of the details of the Rural County Training and Resource Assistance Grant which is a new and innovative resource for Unified Program Agencies that qualify.

Who: Unified Program Agencies defined as Rural Counties (you know who you are)

What:. In an effort to assist rural county programs, this grant provides funding to have CUPA staff from other counties provide either in service field training or classroom training to staff or both if requested. Although ideal for new inspectors, this training can also be used as a standardization tool for existing staff, just to make sure we all do things the same or if you recently had an evaluation that identified training needs it could assist in satisfying those deficiencies. This training is absolutely FREE to the requesting agency, trainers are paid through a grant and administration is all done through the Trust Fund staff.

How: Complete the Rural County Training and Resource Assistance application at . The application will be reviewed by staff to determine agency eligibility and completeness and then referred for action to the Trust.

All requests for service will be evaluated by Trust Fund staff. The following criteria will be used to evaluate the requests.

  • Does the request benefit CUPA program implementation and enforcement?
  • The request is a onetime training or inspection services request not an ongoing request for services.
  • The request is for assistance in one or more of the CUPA program elements.
  • The request is achievable and realistic.
  • The results are quantifiable, whether it is number of staff training days or inspections performed.
  • Intended recipient’s prior grant awards to be considered prior to approval.
  • The ability of the recipient to actually pay for the requested services.                                           

When: The program is approved and ready for implementation. Hurry up and apply before this opportunity expires in June.

Where: Anywhere in California where there are Unified Program Agencies that need assistance.

Why: Because we like you and the CUPA Forum Board wants your staff to be trained..