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Bob Merryman Manager of the Year Award - Past Winners

This is the Directors chance to nominate and recognize a special Manager that has made a difference in your office!!!


Award will be presented at the CEHA AES Conference March 14, 2018 at the Hyatt in Sacramento.


As an endorsement to promote and support the development of managers and future managers the Conference established an annual award designed to provide financial assistance to a selected nominee. The award was established at $1,500 specifically to attract interested candidates and to make a significant contribution towards the overall cost of an advanced degree


It is the responsibility of the Immediate Past President to send out a solicitation for candidates to each member of the Conference. This solicitation is timed such that the award can be presented at the CEHA Annual Environmental Symposium (AES), which is typically held in the April-May timeframe. Applicants are required to be nominated by their Director. The information is submitted in letter-style directly to the Immediate Past President who then in turn reviews the submissions and makes a recommendation to the Executive Committee. Again, the timing of this must be such that 1) the announcement, 2) submission of letters of nomination, 3) review and selection by the Immediate Past President, 4) recommendation and approval by the Executive Committee, 5) notification to the winner, 6) preparation of the plaques, and 7) presentation at the AES. Prior award winners are posted on the website at www.ccdeh.com


It is required that the nominee be employed in a management position within an environmental health organization. A management position includes the traditional titles of Assistant Director, Program Manager, and Supervisor. The award is not available to entry level or senior staff within an organization. The issue of how deep into the organizational structure the award should go has been discussed and it has been established that it is for candidates in management positions. It is not a requirement for the applicant to be registered in a graduate course of study, but enrollment in an advanced training or educational program is desirable.


Prior to the AES the Immediate Past President shall be responsible for coordinating:

1.     Drafting of a check in the amount of $1,500 made out to the successful recipient.

2.     The individual plaque which will be presented to the winner at the AES.

3.     Engraving the name of the winner on the perpetual plaque.

4.     Presentation on behalf of CCDEH at the AES:

-Check and personal plaque to the winner

-Perpetual plaque to the winner's Director


If all reasonable attempts have been made and there is no successful candidate the award will not be presented. The budgeted line item will automatically revert to the contingency fund. In the event the award is not presented it shall be the responsibility of the Immediate Past President to recover the perpetual plaque and entrust it to the Executive Director for safe keeping until the award is made. It is the responsibility of the President and the Executive Director in their budget preparation that the sum of $1,500 for this award will be routinely included in the budget each year unless changed by the Executive Committee.



Award will be presented at the CEHA AES Conference March 14, 2018 at the Hyatt in Sacramento.

Past winners are posted at HERE