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March 30, 2011 <updated 2011-11-21>

Implementation of SB 602 (Food Handler Card)


Pursuant to SB 602 enacted into law in 2010 (Health and Safety Code 113790 et seq.), food handlers, as defined, will be required to obtain a food handler card after taking a food safety training course and passing an exam. Concerns have been raised by industry, food safety training organizations, training providers and local enforcement agencies over the implementation of the new law and the July 1, 2011 compliance deadline. CCDEH is working with the California Retail Food Safety Coalition (CRFSC), California Restaurant Association (CRA) and other stakeholders, to propose clarifying amendments to the law and provide additional guidance.


More Information - SB 602 Implementation Position Paper <updated 2011-04-22> 


Good News – The California Food Handler Card Law Guidelines have been updated!  A special thanks to Alicia Enriquez and John Rogers with Sacramento County and their CRFSC Subcommittee members for all of their work to revise this document.

California Food Handler Card Law Guidelines - Updated November 21, 2011