THE LAW: AB 300 (Ma) The Safe Body Art Act was signed into law on October 9, 2011. This law applies to all body art including piercing, tattoos and permanent cosmetics but there are limited requirements for mechanical ear piercing. It also applies to permanent, temporary and mobile body art facilities. The law becomes effective on January 1, 2012 but the compliance date for registration and facility permitting is July 1, 2012.

THE TRAINING: The training sessions will be facilitated by CAEHA and other sponsors and will begin January 2012.Each training session will consist of a full day of training offered on several locations throughout California. The training sessions are designed to meet training requirements in AB 300 for practitioner registration, instructors from public environmental health and industry. The topics covered during the course are overview of the law, practitioner registration requirements, bloodborne pathogen exposure control training, safe body art practices, permanent body art facility requirements, temporary body art facilities, enforcement, and mechanical stud and clasp ear piercing. The training will be followed by a Q&A session and certificates will be issued at the end of the day.

Currently, there are no Body Art Training Classes scheduled...

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