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About the Committee

Community Environmental Health Programs

  • Recreational Health
  • Housing, including indoor air, lead, mold, radon
  • Occupational Health
  • Vector, including West Nile Virus
  • Homeland Security, including Bioterrorism
  • Body Art
  • Environmental Health Tracking
  • Organized Camps
  • Noise
The Community Environmental Health Committee (CEHC) addresses a broad variety of issues, some of which do not fit neatly into a single environmental health program area. The broad scope of the committee’s program involvement requires a decentralized committee structure involving a variety of specialty Technical Advisory Committees (TACs) and committee members taking lead roles in TAC liaison, and the committee chair playing a facilitative and coordinating role. The committee depends on TACs for much of the work that is needed in each area of activity. The current TACs are: 1) Body Art TAC 2) Housing TAC 3) Recreational Health TAC – Southern California 4) Recreational Health TAC – Northern California.
Committee Member Listing
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