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Document Center Tips

IT Chair | Published on 4/23/2020
Many of you have asked about where to find documents in the new library. Our new Document Library  has everything in one place, based on member access or public access. Members should login to their account to view all available documents. Non-members can view our public documents. Documents are controlled in a series of folders, based on the committee or functional topic.

A lot of documents were retired as they were outdated (but we still have them all.) Each Policy Committee chair provided the most current, relevant documents for our stakeholders. 

Once you are in the Document Library, on the left side you can click the "Expand all" link to open all of the sub folders, or you can double click on the specific folder you want to expand. Available documents are listed at the bottom of the screen (be sure to scroll down if you are on a phone or tablet.) You can also search for documents by keyword, tag, or folder. If you can't find what you are looking for, try a different search term. If you still can't find it or are looking for a historical document, please email us at and we can check the archives.

Feel free to email us if you any feedback on recommendations on the filing structure or available documents.