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Closing Date/Time: Mon. 09/11/17 5:00 PM Pacific Time

Salary: $7,279.00 - $8,436.00 monthly

Job Type: Full-Time

Location: Berkeley, California

The Position

The City of Berkeley is seeking an experienced and talented environmental health professional to join the Environmental Health Division. We are a dedicated team of Registered Environmental Health Specialists, and support staff whose core mission is disease prevention. We administer programs in Food Safety, Vector Control, Noise Control, Tobacco Licensing, Cannabis, Recreational Health, Water Quality, and Body Art.

Incumbents in this position use broad discretion and independent judgment within the overall policy guidelines established by the Division of Environmental Health to conduct inspections of private and public properties, interpret sanitary regulations and investigate complaints for possible health regulation violations. The work requires the exercise of considerable independence in planning inspections and preparing reports and presentations of findings.

Typical duties include:

  • Planning and conducting field inspections and investigations to ensure operator or owner conformance with established environmental health, noise control and smoking regulations; issuing citations as appropriate;
  • Maintaining, updating and analyzing inspection findings and other data for the environmental health function;
  • Conducting noise surveys, studies and follows up on complaints;
  • Making joint inspections with federal, state and local agencies as required;
  • Providing availability for emergency response situations such as environmental health hazards and fire damage at hotels and food facilities; responding to foodborne illness outbreaks;
  • Reviewing new state and federal legislation and advises on its impact on the City's environmental health programs;
  • Performing routine and requested inspections of food facilities, food stores, institutions, schools, swimming pools, and other facilities and follows up on report findings and recommendations;
  • Conducting inspections and investigations to determine vector infestations;
  • Reviewing demolition permits and plans for the abandonment of potable water wells to ensure health and safety code compliance;
  • Preparing a variety of reports and legal complaints and acts as an expert witness in court cases;
  • Assisting the public and other City departments with inquiries concerning City environmental health matters;
  • Analyzing blueprints submitted for plan check to ensure health and safety code compliance, and provides reports to other City departments, business owners, and the public;
  • Maintaining current knowledge of technology and technical advancements in the field; and 
  • May perform the duties of a Vector Control Technician.

View Job Announcement, Supplemental Questions AND Apply Online