CAEHA Temporary Employment Opportunity to work at the City of Vernon

CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH ADMINISTRATORS is a 501(c)(3)& has contracted with the City of Vernon for REHS and non-REHS Services

Term: 90 day contract for temporary work. Then reviewed to confirm if they are caught up.  If it is agreed with all parties, a second 90 day term may be extended.  Available now.  Monday - Thursday up to 8 hours max per day x 4 days = 32 or less time if needed. 

SCOPE OF SERVICES: Seven different positions are available all combined into this scope of work.  

Contractor shall provide environmental public health inspection services on a limited and temporary basis within the City of Vernon as directed by the Director of Health and Environmental Control. Said services shall include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Contractor shall conduct routine inspections, investigations, permitting, plan check, construction check and final construction approval, and complaint investigations of regulated and non-regulated environmental public health facilities in the City of Vernon, which include, but are not limited to, the following:  food sanitation including food vehicles, wholesale warehousing and processing, rendering plants, garment and other industrial manufacturing; land use and development including plan review; public and private wells; storm water; individual onsite sewage disposal systems; public water systems; solid waste facilities; CUPA facilities; and general environmental public health services.
  2. Contractor shall prepare, on behalf of the City of Vernon, written inspection reports of each facility inspection or investigation.  Contractor shall provide written documentation of all inspections, investigations, site visits, plan checks, or complaints for each activity performed. 
  3. Contractor shall review facility permits, business plans, reports, correspondence, and facility files for completeness and prepare necessary reports or correspondence.
  4. To the extent required, Contractor shall attend mandated state training and state meetings on behalf of the City of Vernon.
  5. To the extent required, Contractor shall assist City with preparation of state reports, state evaluations, and special meetings that are conducted in the City of Vernon as recognized within the scope and practice of environmental public health.
  6. Contractor shall assist City with environmental public health program planning and evaluation.
  7. Contractor shall provide qualified personnel to perform the contracted services who possess and maintain all applicable certifications mandated by the state of California.


Contractor shall be paid according to the following schedule based on actual hours of worked performed under this agreement.




# of Contractors Needed



Not-To- Exceed Hourly Rate

Per Diem*


Environmental Technician

Housing inspection, occupancy inspection, processing well permits, well inspections



$        35.00

$    150..00

CUPA Specialist

UST, Haz Mat, Haz waste, monitoring wells, CalARP, CERS



$         40.00

$     150.00

Environmental Health Specialist – Non CUPA

Retail/wholesale food, garment, occupancy, vehicle, laundry, cross-connection, general environmental health



$        46.50

$    150..00

Environmental Health Specialist - CUPA

All CUPA and Non-CUPA EH program areas



$        51.20

$    150..00

*Per Diem paid as reimbursement to staffing provided through contract recruited from outside Los Angeles County when working in a temporary or interim assignment due to a critical staffing shortage to cover expenses relating to lodging/housing, travel, meals, and incidentals. The rate is set at $150.00 for each day the employee physically reports to work.  



A City car will be provided or mileage per diem reimbursement is allowed if you use your own vehicle pre-approved for work related tasks.  If you live outside of the LA area, Hotel expense reimbursement is provided, see rate above. A current REHS is required on 4 of the 7 positions.

Please email your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with position interested.

Sheryl Baldwin, Manager, CAEHA
Posted by: Sheryl Baldwin This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.