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Salary: $52,278.60 - $67,085.16 Annually
Location: Eureka, CA
Job Type: Full-time
Department: Department of Health and Human Services
Job Number: 17-428
Closing: 2/2/2018 11:59 PM Pacific


Under general supervision, may assign, direct and review the work of a small staff of Environmental Health Specialists involved in the investigation and enforcement of public health and environmental health laws; performs professional inspection and enforcement work in a complex environmental health program; performs related work as assigned.


This is either the working lead level in the Environmental Health Specialist series, with responsibility for providing direction to a group of Environmental Health Specialists performing public and environmental health inspection and enforcement duties, or the specialist level which performs difficult, technical, complex and specialized health enforcement duties, but does not have ongoing lead responsibilities.


  • Provides lead direction, training and work review to a small staff; organizes and assigns work, sets priorities and follows up to ensure coordination and completion of assigned work.
  • Provides input into selection decisions, performance evaluations and disciplinary matters.
  • Acts as a specialist in difficult or highly technical areas of environmental or public health work requiring specialized training or experience such as solid waste inspection, food inspection, land use inspection and dairy inspections.
  • Performs administrative work involved in handling an inspection and enforcement program; reviews and issues permits; interprets state laws and regulations; establishes budget and allocates funds; sets program parameters and recommends staff and budget. May staff the environmental health office for Del Norte County and perform the full range of inspection and enforcement activities with only remote supervision.
  • Conducts inspections and investigations and prepares written and oral reports related to public health communicable diseases investigations.
  • Makes recommendations on sewage disposal and water availability requirements as related to land division projects in the County.
  • Conducts and interprets the results of soil, water quality and water quantity tests.
  • Conducts investigations of proposed and current sewage treatment and waste disposal sites; issues permits for individual surveys and waste disposal systems; performs site checks and final inspections of such systems.
  • Inspects restaurants, food stores, food manufacturing and storage facilities, food crops and food vending machines for compliance to applicable health codes; instructs food serving workers in the proper handling of food; investigates reported cases of food-related illness.
  • Responds to non-agricultural hazardous material spills to assume proper handling, clean-up and disposal of material; inspects hospitals and medical facilities to assure proper disposal of infectious waste.
  • Inspects residential dwellings, hotels, motels, mobile home parks, schools, organized camps and family care homes for compliance with public health laws; issues citations for violations of public health and environmental laws and regulations.
  • Investigates animal bite cases and advises medical follow-up when needed; participates in rabies and other clinics to educate the public on protection from diseases transmitted by animals.
  • Issues permits for the installation, modification or closure of Underground Storage Tanks; ensures that state guidelines are followed; identifies areas where unauthorized releases have occurred, documents condition of site.
  • Administers the Market Milk Inspection program; inspects cow herds and commercial dairy sites for conformance to regulations and for proper sanitation; directs the laboratory testing of raw and processed milk; inspects processing plants and retail outlets for proper processing, sanitation and storage practices.
  • Prepares comprehensive reports related to inspections, investigations and studies completed in the public health areas.


Knowledge of:

  • Basic supervisory principles and practices.
  • Principles and practices of environmental sanitation, including water supply, sewage and refuse disposal, housing, recreational and industrial sanitation and vector control.
  • Principles and practices of sanitary food production, processing and handling.
  • Principles and techniques of sampling and analysis of varied specimens.
  • Local, state and federal environmental health and safety regulations and requirements.
  • Office administrative practices and procedures.
  • Techniques for dealing with a variety of individuals, often in difficult situations.

Skill in:

  • Planning, assigning, directing and reviewing the work of others.
  • Training others in work procedures.
  • Analyzing and solving varied complex environmental health problems.
  • Making thorough inspections and investigations.
  • Analyzing and evaluating the results of sampling studies.
  • Exercising sound, independent judgment within established guidelines.
  • Educating the public in matters of effective sanitary measures.
  • Interpreting and enforcing sanitation regulations and guidelines.
  • Representing the County as an expert witness in court cases involving sanitation violations.
  • Reviewing construction blueprints to ensure health and safety compliance.
  • Maintaining accurate records and files.
  • Preparing clear, concise and accurate reports, correspondence and other written materials.
  • Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of the work.

Other Requirements:

  • Must possess a valid California driver's license.
  • Must possess registration by the State of California as an Environmental Health Specialist.

Desirable Education and Experience

  • A typical way to obtain the knowledge and skills outlined above is two years of experience in the investigation and enforcement of public health and environmental laws at a level equivalent to the County class of Environmental Health Specialist II.

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