pdf For Complete Information, Download Santa Barbara County, CA Haz Mat Spec Sr Job Flyer (233 KB)

Salary: $35.49-$43.33 hourly plus $230.24 biweekly unit cash allowance
Opening Date: 07/09/18
Closing Date: 07/23/18

The Position

The Public Health Department is accepting applications to fill one (1) full-time Hazardous Materials Specialist, Senior position in Santa Barbara with the Hazardous Materials CUPA unit.

NOTE: We are also accepting applications to establish an employment list for future Full-Time, Part-time, Extra Help and 1414* vacancies for Hazardous Materialist Specialist Senior in Santa Barbara and Santa Maria.

*1414 vacancies may occur as a result of a leave of absence (Civil Service Rule 1414) and the duration of the appointment shall be subject to the return of the individual who is on leave. A person who is appointed to a position under Civil Service Rule 1414 may be able to transition into a regular position in the classification without re-application or re-testing, depending on the performance of the appointee and the needs of the department.

Please select which location(s) you would like to be considered for currently and for future vacancies. If you qualify for this position and pass the required selection steps, then your name will be sent to the hiring manager(s) of the vacancy location(s) where you have expressed that you are willing to work.

The Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) regulates businesses that handle hazardous materials, generate or treat hazardous waste or operate aboveground or underground storage tanks. The primary goal of the CUPA Program is to protect public health and the environment by promoting compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The CUPA program oversees and regulates businesses and other entities that use or store hazardous materials or generate hazardous wastes. These businesses include obvious types such as automotive repair and metal plating shops as well as less obvious: dentists, wineries, and refineries. There are about 2200 regulated facilities in Santa Barbara County. Click here to find out more about the services provided by the Hazardous Materials program.

  pdf For Complete Information, Download Santa Barbara County, CA Haz Mat Spec Sr Job Flyer (233 KB)