The County of Santa Cruz is pleased to announce the following Director of Environmental Health recruitment:

$114,858 – 153,920 Annually

We offer an exciting opportunity for a dynamic, innovative, and confident leader to manage and direct the Environmental Health Programs which include regulatory oversight of the management of hazardous materials, waste water, small public water systems, individual wells and water systems, medical waste, body art, substandard housing, recreational health, food protection and vector control. Additionally, the Environmental Health program includes working with other agencies for coordination of countywide water resources and water quality planning and management. The incumbent may also provide direction to environmental health professionals on issues related to water resource planning, water quality improvement, emerging food systems, hazardous materials handling and waste water management. Our dynamic executive team is committed to meeting the health needs of the diverse Santa Cruz County community. The team’s organizational structure is comprised of five service areas: Behavioral Health, Public, Environmental Health, Clinics, and Administration. Health Services Agency embraces the County’s values of a service-oriented culture by fostering a spirit of collaboration and partnership.

You Are a(n):

• Thoughtful and trusted decisionmaker who considers varying perspectives
• Energetic and approachable leader who has solid experience in the area of environmental health experience
• Responsive to multiple stakeholders and prioritize building strong professional relationships
• Driver who engages your team in process improvement strategies
• Innovative and trusted leader

We offer:

• Various, robust benefit plans with the County contributing generously towards the total cost of the plans
• CalPers retirement
• Generous administrative, vacation, sick and holiday leave pay
• The opportunity to lead a dedicated team and live, work, and play in beautiful Santa Cruz!

For more information on the requirements and/or to apply, please go online to: County of Santa Cruz Personnel Job Posting

County of Santa Cruz Personnel Mission Statement: In collaboration with our customers, we will recruit, develop, support, and retain an ethical, professional, and diverse workforce dedicated to serving the community.