Sonoma County

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Hourly Pay Rate:  $19.10 - $23.22/Hr.

County of Sonoma Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) seeks a qualified and eager individual for their Environmental Health Technician - Extra-Help position!

The Environmental Health Technician works in the Public Health Division of the Department of Health Services (DHS) as an integral part of the Environmental Protection team. This position helps to ensure the safety of recreational water bathing sites along the Sonoma coast and the Russian River through regular monitoring and sampling activities. In addition, the Environmental Health Technician may assist with the waste tire enforcement program by performing waste tire surveillance activities and regulatory inspections of waste tire facilities. Specific duties may include:

  • Water sampling and re-sampling activities at 7 locations along the Sonoma coast and 10 locations along the Russian River for submission to the Public Health Lab; reporting test results to supervising staff
  • Posting ocean and/or river advisories or closures when necessary and assisting other staff with enforcement, outreach, and website/hotline updates and notifications
  • Conducting inspections, reviewing applications, obtaining factual data, issuing permits, and enforcing local and State laws and regulations pertaining to waste tires
  • Providing recommendations for abatement of violations and nuisances
  • Preparing routine reports, statistics, correspondence, and assisting in preparation of technical reports on inspections and violations
  • Supporting witness preparation and appearing as a witness in administrative hearings, citations, and court cases
  • Updating the public regarding general and technical information related to environmental health regulations and the permit application process

The ideal candidate will possess:

  • An interest in science and community health; an enthusiasm to learn and assist Environmental Health staff
  • The availability to work two to five days per week and have the flexibility to alter their schedule when necessary
  • The ability to work independently, follow program standards, analyze regulations, and maintain sampling consistency in variable environmental conditions
  • Strong oral and written communication and interpersonal skills, to effectively interact with the public and other staff

Qualifications for this position normally include course work in biology, chemistry, hydrology, environmental science or studies, land use planning, law, or civil engineering, and some experience performing activities related to environmental health, land use or permit processing in a government or regulatory environment.

For more information about the position & to apply online, please visit: EOE Apply by 03/13/2018!