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Closing Date/Time: Fri. 09/15/17 5:00 PM Pacific Time

Salary: $4,494.22 - $5,462.05 Monthly / $53,930.66 - $65,544.54 Annually

Job Type: Full Time

Location: Woodland, California

Department: Community Services


The County of Yolo is recruiting to fill one regular, full-time position in the class of Environmental Health Specialist I at the Department of Community Services, Division of Environmental Health. The candidate selected for this position may be assigned to the Consumer Protection or Land Use Unit. Responsibilities assigned to this position in the Consumer Protection Unit will include food facility plan review and inspection, pool facility plan review and inspection, and substandard housing investigations. Responsibilities assigned to this position in the Land Use Unit could include water well construction plan review and inspection, onsite septic system plan review and inspection, land use application review, and activities associated with the public water program and solid waste program. The ideal candidate for this position will demonstrate the ability to effectively prioritize their workload, have a passion for environmental health, and enjoy working in the field (in a mobile capacity) and/or at construction sites. Ideal personal characteristics that would be the best fit for the unit include good interpersonal skills, the ability to negotiate effectively with a non-authoritarian communication style, and the ability to work well independently as well as the desire and ability to work within a team environment.

Interested applicants should submit an online County of Yolo Employment Application, responses to supplemental questions and a detailed resume by 5pm on the final filing date. Verification of education may be submitted at the time of filing or when requested by the hiring department.

Under close supervision, to learn and conduct inspections and investigations involving the enforcement of local, state and federal laws, rules and regulations pertaining to environmental health and safety and consumer protection, and to do other work as related.

Distinguishing Characteristics
This is the trainee level of the Environmental Health Specialist series. Incumbents in this class are subject to a greater degree of supervision and guidance in the performance of their duties than the next higher, registered, fully qualified journey levels. Incumbents receive formal and on the job training in the procedures and techniques essential to conduct various environmental health and safety inspections, investigation and enforcement activities. Incumbents are required to obtain registration as an Environmental Health Specialist within the time frame set by State Health and Safety Code. Employee must become a registered Environmental Health Specialist within 3 years of employment.

Essential Functions:

  • Attends training sessions to receive instruction in environmental health and safety principles, practices and procedures;
  • Conducts inspections and investigations relating to all types of food establishments, recreational health facilities, housing and institutions, vectors and nuisances, water and sewage systems, solid waste facilities, infectious and hazardous waste, rabies, land use, electromagnetic radiation control and hazardous substance storage facilities in a learning capacity;
  • Participates in disaster and emergency responses;
  • Collects samples and specimens for laboratory analysis and interprets laboratory findings; Prepares precise and accurate reports;
  • Participates in meetings and public education events;
  • Prepares court cases;
  • Confers with city or district attorneys and testifies in court.

Visit Yolo County Jobs Website to View Full Job Description & To Apply Online