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The CCDEH Disaster Preparedness Technical Advisory Committee has prepared the Disaster Field Manual below as a field guide to assist environmental health professionals to respond to a major disaster. It provides an overview of the key response and recovery actions necessary to protect the health and safety of the public.

CCDEH Environmental Health Disaster Preparedness Model Planning Guide - 2006 Another helpful tool, this Environmental Health Disaster Model Planning Guide was developed to provide directors and managers of California environmental health programs with a framework to respond effectively following an emergency or disaster. 

This manual is intended to complement existing disaster preparedness plans and professional training. The manual is divided into the following major sections:

1. Structure Of Emergency Operations
2. Water
3. Food
4. Liquid Waste/Sewage
5. Solid Waste Disposal
6. Housing/Mass Care Shelters
7. Vector Control
8. Hazardous Materials
9. Medical Waste
10. Responding To A Radiological Incident

The manual is 4" x 7.75" in size and the covers are constructed of 0.035 gauge polyethylene. For the inside text you have your choice of recycled white paper or a waterproof and tear-resistant Kimdura paper.

The cost of the Disaster Field Manual with the Kimdura paper is $35.00 each; $30.00 each for 10 or more; or $25.00 each for 100 or more ordered.

To order the Disaster Field Manual, please use our default  Disaster Manual Order Form 2012  and submit with a check made payable to "CAEHA" and mail to: P.O. Box 2017, Cameron Park, CA 95682-2017.

Thank you.