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Salary:  $90,677.60 - $110,227.52 Annually
Location:  Throughout the County of Santa Clara, CA
Job Type:  Full-Time
Department:  Vector Control District
Job Number:  19-X84-A
Closing:  7/19/2019 11:59 PM Pacific


Under direction, to plan, coordinate, the vector control operations within a geographical region or unit, or zone, to supervise vector control employees, and participate in the work of a comprehensive vector control program.

Typical Tasks

  • Supervises Vector Control operations including mosquito, vertebrate, invertebrate, nuisance wildlife, and disease surveillance within specific geographical regions, units or zones;
  • Schedules, assigns, establishes work standards; reviews, and evaluates the work of assigned vector control employees, including those in Vector Control Technician I, II, and III positions;
  • Handles difficult or problem situations arising from field-related operations and complaints;
  • Provides periodic in-service training of subordinate staff;
  • Supervises the handling, mixing and application of pesticides; and enforces safety regulations and policies;
  • Maintains a system of operating records and ensures that all daily reports and records are accurately completed;
  • Assesses the budgetary needs of operations, and manages assigned operations to meet the budgetary goals of the District;
  • Coordinates, screens and approves equipment, supply and repair requests;
  • Participates in hiring, counseling and other supervisory actions as needed;
  • May be assigned as a Disaster Service Worker, as required;
  • Performs other related work as required.

Employment Standards

Training and experience equivalent to a Bachelor's Degree in Entomology or related biological sciences
Five (5) years of increasingly responsible experience performing the full range of mosquito or vector control work.

License Requirements:

The following licenses must be held and maintained as a condition of initial and continued employment in this classification: 
  • A valid California driver's license prior to appointment and the ability to qualify and maintain a Santa Clara County drivers permit.
  • All certifications and licenses required to perform the duties assigned to this classification including those required by the State of California Department of Health and any other that are appropriate, including those in the areas of mosquito, vertebrate, and invertebrate control and abatement.

Knowledge of:

  • Recordkeeping and report writing techniques;
  • Mosquito, rodent, miscellaneous vector and wildlife abatement;
  • Laws, regulations, and standards regarding pesticide usage and safety;
  • Integrated physical, chemical, and biological vector control;
  • Identification techniques for common local vector insects and animals;
  • Principles of occupational safety and situational awareness;
  • Common office computer applications such as email, word processing, spreadsheets and databases;
  • Vector-borne diseases;
  • Life cycles and general biology of local mosquitoes, rodents, miscellaneous vector and nuisance wildlife.

Ability to:

  • Supervise a comprehensive mosquito, rodent, wildlife, and miscellaneous vector abatement field operation and its assigned personnel within specific geographical regions, units, or zones; 
  • Supervise, plan and schedule the work of assigned personnel, set priorities, constructively review their work, mentor them to improve their work, and initiate progressive discipline when necessary; 
  • Counsel and discipline assigned personnel if necessary; 
  • Compile and maintain records and prepare accurate reports that are clearly written; 
  • Identify local mosquito, rodent, wildlife and miscellaneous vectors, plan and develop effective means to control them, and implement and supervise those operations; 
  • Coordinate the maintenance and repair of district equipment; 
  • Work cooperatively with assigned personnel, other employees, outside agencies and the general public. 

Physical Requirements

  • Handles and has contact with toxic and hazardous substances, a variety of biting and stinging insects, poisonous plants, and dangerous and diseased animals and other vectors;
  • Works outside in inclement weather during evenings, nights, and weekends; may be called back, works during emergencies, and as assigned;
  • Travels within and outside of the county;
  • Lifts, pushes, and pulls objects of approximately 50 pounds or more, stands for extended periods, stoops, bends, and walks on uneven terrain;
  • Reaches with arms, grasps and manipulates small objects with hands.

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