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Salary: $48,443.20 - $58,864.00 Annually
Location: Ste C, CA
Job Type: Full-time and Part-time
Department: Environmental Resources
Job Number: 2568-19
Closing: Continuous

About the Department and the Position


This recruitment is being conducted to fill a vacancy for the Department of Environmental Resources and establish an eligible list to fill future full-time and part-time vacancies throughout Stanislaus County. While this is a continuous recruitment, we encourage you to apply immediately, as this recruitment may close at any time.

Cell phones and tablets are typically incompatible with the online application format or browser.  We recommend using a desktop or laptop computer. If you are still having technical difficulties, please call NEOGOV at 1-855-524-5627.

Stanislaus County is located in Central California within 90 minutes of the San Francisco Bay Area, the Silicon Valley, Sacramento, the Sierra Nevada Mountains and California's Central Coast. With an estimated 538,388 people calling this area home, the community reflects a region rich in diversity with a strong sense of community. Two of California's major north-south transportation routes (Interstate 5 and Highway 99) intersect the area and the County has quickly become one of the dominant logistics center locations on the west coast.
The County is home to a vibrant arts community with the world-class Gallo Center for the Arts, a symphony orchestra, and abundant visual and performing arts. Stanislaus County is a global center for agribusiness, positioned by its mild Mediterranean climate, rich soils and progressive farming practices.
The area is recognized internationally for agricultural innovation with wine, almonds, poultry, milk, cattle, and walnuts being some of the features industries. The County is also home to Stanislaus State University, Modesto Junior College and benefits from satellite locations of other high quality educational institutions. The County was established in 1854 and has a total land area of 1,515 square miles. Temperatures range from an average low of 38 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter, to an average high of 85 degrees in the summer.
The Department of Environmental Resources (DER) has a combined total of 8 service areas. The service areas include Administration, Environmental Health, Code Enforcement, Solid Waste, Hazardous Materials, Landfill, Groundwater Management, and Milk and Dairy.  The  department currently has a total of 105 full-time employees and 16 part-time employees with a total combined budget of $35 million for Fiscal Year 2019-2020.

Positions may be filled at I, II or III level, depending on the qualifications of the applicant(s) selected. Under general supervision, incumbent conducts inspections and investigations in the enforcement of Environmental Health and Safety laws, rules and regulations for Environmental Health and Solid Waste Divisions; performs other related work as required. Incumbents are subject to overtime, standby and callback assignments.

Typical Tasks

  • Conduct inspections to determine compliance with State and local laws and regulations governing sanitation in food handling establishments, body art facilities, sewage disposal systems, substandard housing, land use and recreational health, water supply, solid waste management, public nuisances, and vector and rodent control. When necessary, recommend changes and give instructions for correction of deficiencies and violations;
  • Advise food handlers on correct method of sanitation protection in compliance with applicable laws and regulations;
  • Investigate complaints, such as reports of food poisoning and public or private sanitation-related nuisances;
  • Conduct sanitation surveys, when required, of communities and confer with local officials on sanitation problems. Investigate fly and other insect nuisances or infestations, make abatement recommendations, and instruct communities in control methods for carriers of all vectors-transmitted diseases;
  • Work with a wide range of solid waste issues and problems from waste management planning and resource recovery to disposal of a spectrum of waste types;
  • Conduct inspections of public and private recreational facilities;
  • Conduct housing inspections to determine health and safety compliance with State and local housing laws and ordinances;
  • Review plans for new subdivisions, body art facilities, and food establishments, and recommend suitable water and sewage installations;
  • Perform onsite evaluations of sewage disposal systems, including terrain, water table and soil suitability;
  • Prepare correspondence and reports as required;
  • Initiate legal actions as a result of non-compliance, by issuing a notice to appear in court, filing a criminal complaint or scheduling an administrative office hearing;
  • Prepare clear, concise letters and reports and write and verbally communicate instructions for correction of deficiencies and violations in a clear and concise manner:
  • Establish and maintain effective relationships with the public, coworkers, and others contacted in the course of work;
  • Read and write English at a level required for successful job performance;
  • Utilize a computer, computer related equipment and current software applications;
  • Represent the Department in public and private meetings, and speak to public groups regarding the department and related topics; and
  • Other related duties may be assigned.

Minimum Qualifications (Skills, Ability, Knowledge, Education/Experience)


Environmental Health Specialist I

  • Effectively instruct individuals and groups on the principles and reasons for a safe and healthy environment;
  • Understand and interpret laws, rules and regulations;
  • Read and understand construction plans and blueprints involving numerous mathematical computations;
  • Speak effectively before groups; and
  • Write and verbally communicate instructions for correction of deficiencies and violations in a clear and concise manner.

Environmental Health Specialist II 
Demonstrated ability with all Level I requirements plus:

  • Plan, organize and carry out complex environmental health studies and reports;
  • Oversee investigations;
  • Respond effectively to complaints from the public; and
  • Detect unsanitary conditions and public health hazards and secure their correction through education, voluntary compliance or legal enforcement.

Environmental Health Specialist III

Demonstrated ability with all Level II requirements plus: 

  • Work with a high degree of independence, exercising a broad scope of judgment and latitude;
  • Perform unusual and difficult research and analytical work;
  • Handle difficult environmental investigations and take enforcement actions; and
  • Handle difficult public contact situations and negotiate compliance points effectively.


Environmental Health Specialist I

  • Principles and practices of environmental sanitation including, but not limited to: water supply, sewage, industrial waste and refuse handling and disposal, housing and recreational sanitation, air pollution, vector control, food handling, processing and solid waste management;
  • Provisions of the Health and Safety Code; and
  • General principles and practices of public health.

Environmental Health Specialist II
Demonstrated knowledge of all Level I requirements plus:

  • Sanitation provisions of the California Health and Safety Code, Administrative Code and related legal provisions;
  • Methods and procedures used in inspecting, investigating and correcting unsanitary conditions;
  • Principles and practices of environmental sanitation and sanitary science, and principles and practices of public health;
  • Penal Code relating to public nuisances;
  • Basic water works construction features, such as sewage disposal systems, swimming pools, and wells, sufficient to evaluate plans; and
  • Environmental impact of building plans.

Environmental Health Specialist III 

Demonstrated knowledge of all Level II requirements plus:

  • The various laws and regulations relating to environmental health and solid waste management;
  • Specific principles and practices of public environmental health and solid waste management;
  • Complex environmental sampling techniques and standards;
  • Quality assurance and quality control techniques as they relate to investigations; and
  • Biological agents and their effect on public health.


Environmental Health Specialist I

  • Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Health, Environmental Resource Management or Microbiology. The coursework must meet the minimum standards and qualifications for registration as an Environmental Health Specialist under the applicable provisions of State law; AND
  • Eligibility for registration as an Environmental Health Specialist issued by the State of California, Environmental Health Specialist Registration Program. Environmental Health Specialist I applicants must possess a letter from the State of California Environmental Health Specialist Registration Program  at 601 North 7th Street, Post Office Box 942732, Sacramento, CA. Phone: (916)324-2211 and FAX: (916) 323-9869 stating they meet the minimum educational requirements. This letter is issued only after the evaluation of college transcripts; AND
  • No experience is required.

Veterans' Preference Program eligible job classification. For more information please click on the following link: (Download PDF reader)

Environmental Health Specialist II
In addition to the Level I degree requirements:

  • Possess a valid certificate of registration as an Environmental Health Specialist issued by the State of California; AND
  • Minimum of one (1) year of related experience performing environmental health inspections, enforcement or remediation. Master's degree in a related field may substitute for six (6) months of the required experience.

Environmental Health Specialist III
In addition to the Level I and II degree requirements:

  • Three (3) years of experience equivalent to an Environmental Health Specialist II in general environmental resource management, environmental health or solid waste management.


  • Possess and maintain a valid California Driver's License;

Proof of education and a valid REHS Certificate or eligibility letter from the State of California Environmental Health Specialist Registration Program is required for verification purposes before the oral examination date. Copy of Degree is preferred, but transcripts (unofficial or official) are acceptable. Applicants who are unable to submit proof must call 209-525-6700 to make other arrangements.  Failure to submit proof or make other arrangements at the time of application submission will result in disqualification.Application and Selection Procedures

Unless otherwise provided, this position is part of the Classified Service of the County and is assigned to the Technical Services bargaining unit for labor relations purposes.
Individuals who are in a full-time classification position are required to serve a twelve-month probationary period, which may be extended an additional six months for a total of eighteen months.  The probationary period does not apply to unclassified positions.

The County of Stanislaus is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants are encouraged to submit online application(s) for open position(s).

Stanislaus County is committed to establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with the general public, co-workers, supervisors, and members of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds regardless of race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition, genetic information, pregnancy related condition, marital status, gender/sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age (over 40), political affiliation or belief, or military or veteran status.

Applications cannot be submitted later than 5:00 p.m. on the final filing date. Make your online application as complete as possible so a full and realistic appraisal may be made of your qualifications.

Resumes will not be accepted in lieu of a complete application.
Attaching your resume and cover letter are an optional feature for those who wish to do so in addition to completing the required application. Information on your resume and cover letter will not substitute for the education, work experience and required fields on the County application. The online County application is the primary tool used to evaluate your job qualifications.

Arrangements may be made to accommodate disabilities and religious convictions. Applicants requiring testing accommodations are required to complete and submit the Testing Accommodation Request Form prior to the test administration date. Special arrangements for religious convictions should be included in the "Additional Information"
section of the application form. (Download PDF reader)

  • Pass County-paid pre-employment drug screening and job-related background investigation.
  • Perform job duties in a manner assuring a safe working environment for oneself and others.
  • Maintain confidential information according to the legal standards and/or County regulations as required.

Application and/or examination results may be appealed by applicants presenting facts alleging irregularity, fraud and/or error in application screening or in exam scoring. Appeals must be in writing and submitted to the Chief Executive Officer within seven (7) days after the examination results are mailed.


The Job Task Analysis provides information detailing the physical and functional demands of the classification. For the complete job task analysis, visit the Risk Management website at under "Disability Management."
Find out if you qualify for the AES Public Service Loan Forgiveness program for full-time public sector employees (PSLF) by contacting (866) 706-5005.
Learn more about Club Wellness, a program designed to facilitate and encourage the good health of Stanislaus County's workforce.
Stanislaus County reserves the right to revise the examination plan described in this bulletin to better meet the needs of County service. The provisions of this bulletin do not constitute an express or implied contract. Any provision contained in this bulletin may be modified or revoked without notice. The information contained in the bulletin is information, which sets forth a general summary of benefits for this respective position. This information is not legally binding. The benefits and other information regarding this position may be found in the Stanislaus County Code, the Stanislaus County Personnel Policies manual, or in the applicable Memorandum of Understanding, and such information prevails over information contained in this bulletin. Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Stanislaus County Chief Executive Office/Human Resources.

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